Wednesday, April 29 2020

Death - Obituarys

Luis G Anaya Jr. Many new things the President saids goes against the current narrative and change is good and he’s bringing it whether people are ready for it or not. Just because it doesn’t sound good to your ears doesn’t mean it’s not true, many new technologies and medical treatments are being dripped to the public and are PATENTED (meaning they work for the people who don’t do research) . Amazing what’s he’s done can’t wait to see what he’ll unveil next. Trump 2020 he’s got my vote!.

David Hansen No please stop telling them. if they actually believe its a good idea to take bleach internally thin the democrats out.
First thats not the only type of disinfectant. Secondly doctors already do inject other disinfectants in medicines today as well as use them to clean out wounds that are infected. Nobody but leftist news said inject or drink bleach. The president certainly didn't.
those news programs are the enemy of the people.

Marty Smith Motocross Death - Dead : Obituary, Marty Smith and his wife, Nancy died in California an accident.

Paige Cobb Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Paige Cobb may have passed away

Randall Wysong Death - Dead :   Randall Wysong Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Cellist Lynn Harrell Death - Dead :  Cellist Lynn Harrell Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

TV news anchors Ed Carter Death - Dead :  Ed Carter Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Ashley "Minnie" Ross Death - Dead :  Ashley Ross Obituary, Cause of Death hit-and-run car crash.

Citadel’s FCA Director Rashaud Graham Death - Dead :  Rashaud Graham Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Angela Summers Death - Dead :  Angela Summers Obituary, Tupelo Ms

USPS worker, Angela Summers Death - Dead :  Angela Summers Obituary, Shot and Killed in Indianapolis.

eighth-grader Will Washburn Death - Dead : Will Washburn Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Pinto Colvig Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries :Pinto Colvig may have passed away.

Gibby Icarly Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Gibby Icarly may have passed away

Stéphanie Tessier Death - Dead :  Stéphanie Tessier Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Les Steven Death - Dead : Les Steven Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Juanita Hutchens Makuta This is another distraction that the media, left and the Democrats, and some State governors are using to pass laws that the people would never agree with, wake up and pay attention to what is really happening.

Johnie Havard Humty Dumpty has never been a Republican, he's just like John McCain was, a Democrat posing as a Republican. No Republican would ever have a city like Baltimore in their state. This guy is a joke, just like Cuomo, and the rest of the Democratic governors in the country. If you notice, he's the only "Republican" that has any problems.

Charles Runion Hogan insulted his constituents when he said hundreds of Maryland residents called state health dept asking if injecting disinfectants would work. He threw them under the bus in his attempt to score points against DJT.

Peggy Garriss How many people know what they got from moldy bread. How Citadel’s FCA Director Rashaud Graham Death - Dead : Rashaud Graham Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown than would have laughed if a President said that they may get a cure for many things from it.

Tim Cochran If ingesting Lysol and Clorox is what you heard, you should probably go ahead and do it.

“We had hundreds of calls in our hotline here in Maryland about people asking about injecting or ingesting these disinfectants, which is hard to imagine that people thought that that was serious, but people actually were thinking about this,” Hogan said on Sunday. “Was this something you could do to protect yourself?”

Rob Jones A daily briefing is just not the place for this kind of conjecture. He should do that behind the scenes, but only present or share vetted concepts, stuff that the doctors say yes to. At the very least, this kind of off the cuff thinking is irresponsible. A president's words influence people. They just do. Accept that, and act with that understanding.